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This was a great class! I learned a lot and I felt this class. I appreciate everyone sharing their story and I feel both the training as well as assisting others in need can be very helpful in many people's healing. I recommend this class for all!


Owner & Founder Porsche Williams 

Restore Life is a community resource, founded and run by Naval veteran Porsche Williams, dedicated to suicide intervention and prevention. With a focus on peer support and person-to-person assistance, we provide specialized training and education to government and civic organizations nationwide. Porsche, herself a Navy veteran and motivational speaker with personal experience of trauma and PTSD.

Recognizing the urgent need for suicide intervention programs, Porsche aims to make our services accessible to all who require additional training. As The Chairperson of the Veterans Mental Health Advisory Council and a certified A.S.I.S.T. (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) master Instructor, she is committed to equipping both professionals and the public with the knowledge to prevent suicides.

Since 2018, the Restore Life Team has successfully intervened in and prevented suicide attempts nationwide. Our mission is clear: to educate and empower individuals with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to reduce suicide rates globally.

The ASIST Training was amazing! It gave me the tools and confidence to help someone considering suicide to get safe now. As a professional trainer, I was also impressed with the structure of the training. The method is logical and compassionate, the written materials are valuable - especially the wallet card - and the role plays are effective skill-builders.

- Kim Beck

This class was great. The techniques and tools were practical for working in a variety of MH settings, groups or organizations. The facilitators were on point, knowledgeable and provided a wealth of resources . They created a safe environment which allowed for personal disclosures and healthy team building. A MUST CLASS for clinicians!
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